Graduation Requirements


Graduation Requirements

(25 Credits)

English 4

Mathematics 3: 1 credit required in Algebra 1, 1 credit required in Geometry

Vocational Ed/Arts 2: 1/2 credit required in Career Pathways, 1/2 credit required in Health, 1 credit Computer Applications

Electives 8

Social Studies 3: American History & Civics Required

Science 3

*Although we accept all credits from accredited High Schools and Vocational/Technical Schools, the following are required to graduate from Adult High School Credit Diploma Program:

    • A minimum of two (2) credits must be successfully completed through the New Britain Adult Education High School Credit Diploma Program (CDP) before a diploma will be issued. The minimum criteria can be met by successfully completing four (4) CDP night classes or two (2) CDP night classes and one (1) credit in distance learning. Students cannot receive their diploma before their New Britain High School class has graduated.

Credits for Adult High School Credit Diploma:

Acceptable High School Credit Categories

Credit Classes

Students may take up to two (2) credits—(4 classes), per trimester and earn half credit per class.

Military Category: 2 Credit Maximum-Elective Area

1 credit: documented successful basic training

1 credit: documented special training program

Occupational Category: 2 Credit Maximum - Elective or Vocational/Arts

1 credit: EITHER documented work experience or demonstrated occupational skills

1 credit: Valid occupational license

1 credit: Documented completion of apprenticeship program

1 credit: Documented job training program

1 credit: Demonstrated Home Management Skills

Specialized Skills Category: 1 Credit Maximum - Elective Area

1 credit: Documented community/volunteer service

1 credit: Demonstrated skills in a vocational area

Note: Community Service Pre-Approval Form must be completed by students and signed by the counselor before beginning volunteer service.

Connecticut Virtual High School

Students enrolled in Credit Diploma Courses may also earn up to 7 high school credits in various subjects through online instruction offered by New Britain Adult Education; contact us for details.

If you have any questions you may contact our office by phone 860-229-6106 or by email