Registration Guidelines for ESL & Citizenship

Registration Process


  • Fill out the registration form online

  • Make an appointment to take your in-person placement test (allow at least 3 hours on your appointment date)


  • You must be 17 years or older

  • No longer registered in school (17-20 yrs. old need to bring an official withdrawal form from the last school attended (for High School Completion Programs or diploma (for ESL students)

  • You must be a resident of New Britain

  • Photo identification

  • Proof of address.

Appointment Day:

Registration Protocol

  • We will see registrants by appointment only

  • All registrants will wear a mask at all times .

  • If you are not feeling well. Give us a call (860)229-6106 and reschedule your appointment.

  • No visitors will be allowed to accompany the registrant

  • Registrants will keep 3 ft of distance from each other

  • All registrants need to bring:

      1. a pencil

      2. Official Identification

      3. Proof of Address (electricity, gas, lease, mortgage

      4. Social Security Card

  • Temperatures will be taken of all clients coming in to register.

  • An assessment will be administered (allow at least 2 hours)